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The result: RINGANA CAPS, specialists for individual needs, whether to increase memory, the immune system or mobility.

I celebrate

I celebrate CAPS support the ability to learn and remember and help maintain cognitive functions such as memory.


Hearty meals and alcohol can be a burden on our entire digestive and detoxification system. RINGANA has added to the CAPS d-gest special plant extracts that help our digestive system.


The CAPS we do can accompany women at any stage of their lives with the force of nature, helping them to continue doing great things like mother, grandmother, businesswoman, woman 10, and so on.


Our body defenses face many challenges in modern day to day life. Immune CAPS helps to support the body’s immune system, especially in times of high stress.


Integral male potency in three capsules: with the male CAPS, RINGANA has developed a nutritional supplement that brings out the best in men naturally


The natural ingredients of moodoo CAPS improve mental endurance, providing more peace of mind. Ideal for regaining emotional balance in case of autumn and winter lethargy or SPM.

Beauty & hair

Fresh skin, reinforced hair, firmer connective tissue and resistant nails: the natural vital substances contained in beauty & hair CAPS reinforce beauty from within.


Protect CAPS are a true multitalent when it comes to protecting from free radicals caused by sun, pollution or blue light. In turn, flavones, anthocyanins, and hydroxycinnamic acids from blood orange extract provide a uniform tan.


To maintain the vital function and well-being of the body, the heart needs the supply of nutrients. CAPS pumps support our ‘vital engine’ with an intelligent antioxidant combination of vitamins and minerals.


Hydro CAPS with niacin contained in buckwheat germ powder helps maintain mucous membranes, even in the urinary tract. Mushroom powder vitamin D2 supports the body’s immune system.

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