Healthway Institute

The Institute Healthway method

It consists of the combination of the great branches of treatment:


It is a concept of deep hyperthermia, totally different from the conventional and classic thermotherapy that warms the tissues superficially. Medestec® technology is a radio frequency system that by means of an electric current causes a biostimulation of the tissues generating a vasodilation that helps the natural regeneration of the body itself.

Medical diathermy

Aesthetic diathermy


According to the World Health Organization, physiotherapists evaluate, plan, and complete rehabilitation programs (Treatment) to Improve and Regain Motor Functions, Maximize Movement, Relieve Pain Syndromes, and Treat and Prevent Physical Disorders. ASSOCIATED with Diseases, Injuries and OTHER DISABILITIES.

Personalized therapeutic exercises

Post-surgical and injury treatments


It is a recognized and rooted system of manual medicine for diagnosis and treatment, the main interest lies in the structural and functional integrity of the body. Due to its Anglo-Saxon origin (osteo and path), we can define it as the path that seeks balance between any part of the body and its functionality.

Neuro-musculoskeletal problems

Pediatric problems

We are a benchmark as a center specializing in osteopathy and sports physiotherapy in Barcelona

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