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Child Osteopathy




Child Osteopathy

As a child I suffered from back problems, my vertebrae often dislocated causing numerous ailments. I used to get stuck a couple of times a year, spending days in a lot of pain and not being able to stand up straight. Together with Manel Ramos we decided to do regular treatments as prevention and I haven’t been stuck for years. I have learned that every vertebra, every area of the spine, directly influences the well-being of the rest of the body.

After 20 years suffering from terrible migraines and having tried many doctors and numerous treatments without success, with the help of Manel and a specific diet I have managed to reduce migraines by 80%.

Manel and all his team that make up Heatlhway Institut have greatly improved my quality of life !!

Susila Cruyff

President of the Cruyff Foundation

I have tried many osteopaths and none like Manel Ramos. Thanks to him the back pains have improved a lot. I have recommended it to many friends with severe back problems and all super well. Thank you very much for your professionalism and that of your entire team forming Healthway Institute

Miquel Rosell

Commercial technician

Since I took the Move caps my knee pain has improved a lot. I also feel more agile, with better mobility. Nothing to do with the supplementation I had tried so far. Quite a discovery, thanks for the recommendation !!

Sara Preciado

PhD in Chemistry

We knew that childhood osteopathy worked for many conditions in babies. That is why when our daughter April in the first months of life suffered numerous regurgitations, we considered that osteopathy could help us. That’s how it was, after several sessions with Josep Casimiro and following his guidelines at home, April has improved a lot.

Maria Hellín Aguilar


We knew the many benefits that osteopathy offered in adults. So, when we found that our son Peter, from a very young age, began to develop various bronchiolitis, we did not hesitate to find the solution in osteopathy aimed at children. Josep Casimiro gave us an excellent treatment. He has a special ability with the creatures and the result after the sessions was very good.

Maria Hellín Aguilar


Manel Ramos has been “putting me in place” for 20 years. I mean that through osteopathy it treats and heals my various pathologies. That is why in my contact list it appears as: Manel the healer. I have seen him grow professionally: rigor, knowledge, innovation, availability, precision, expertise …, are words that define Manel’s profile very well.

When something hurts, the first thing I call is the Healthway Institute and whenever I go there I have the certainty that they will explain to me very well what I have and how to fix it.

Francesc Tarré


I discovered the world of Osteopathy and Diathermy when I was 34 years old, after being operated on for two herniated discs. Thanks to the techniques applied by Manel Ramos and Raquel Rodriguez, I have been able to reduce my daily anti-inflammatory intake to anecdotal use from time to time. I was even able to resume physical activity from mountain biking and swimming without any problems.

Joan Ros Tarrazona

Agricultural Engineer and Oenologist

After years of jumping between physiotherapists and traumatologists I fell into the hands (never better) of Manel, and I finally got a solution to the cause of my back problems, not a patch to the consequences based of temporarily reducing pain or hiding it with medication. I am clear that half of the ‘fault’ of having regained 100% of my mobility is from Osteopathy, but I am also clear that the other half is to have found someone who excellently executes the specialty of Osteopathy Osteopathy, and with its know-how, good criteria and better decisions, I was able to recover all the physical activities that for years I had to stop practicing

David Mayor


Osteopathy was my solution to a serious back problem. Lumbar hernia … at 39 years old. Thanks to some friends who told me about Manel Ramos I was able to walk normally again, then ride a bike, and immediately be able to lead a normal life. After more than 15 years of being treated, now and preventively once a year, I can say that the hands and knowledge of Manel Ramos and team have been key to being healthy and very active. For me he is my guru and so I have let dozens of friends and acquaintances know that they have been able to solve their physical problems. Thanks Manel for that

Ferran Raja

Commercial technician

Since I started visiting the Healthway Institute with Manel Ramos, the headache I had been suffering from for months has disappeared, I feel much better. Highly recommended.

Laia Duran

Art restorer

My daughter during the first months of life did not sleep well. In fact, during the night, I couldn’t stand it for more than 2 hours straight. After reading a lot about childhood osteopathy, we decided to take her to Healthway Institute. The truth is that it was a success. After 3 sessions Claudia started sleeping 5-6 hours straight.

Cristian Gómez

Professor / Doctor of Chemistry IQS-URLL

For me and my family, osteopathy was unknown, we were unaware of its scope. Out of necessity, we were lucky enough to end up in the hands of Manel Ramos and it has always been the solution for me and family, whether injured or not. We go every year in a prophylactic way. I’ve never been stuck in my back again. Essential for me.

I recognize the professional treatment and also the proximity that give 15 uninterrupted years of service.

Lydia Gubau

Clinical assistant

After seeing dozens of very good osteopaths in the United States, England and Spain I can say that Manel Ramos and the team that make up Healthway Institut are by far the best

Carlos Sánchez


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