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At Healthway Institute we apply osteopathy by combining allopathic and holistic view of health status. Our goal is not only to treat, but to prevent the onset of injury or illness.


Osteopathy can help you adapt your body to the overexertion you undergo during the practice of the sport.


At the time of birth, the baby is under a lot of stress. Osteopathy can help detect possible problems and address them.

For you

Osteopathy can help you leave discomfort and conditions behind and regain your body’s functional balance and live a fuller life.

The Institute Healthway method

It consists of the combination of the great branches of treatment:


It is a concept of deep hyperthermia, totally different from the conventional and classic thermotherapy that warms the tissues superficially. Medestec® technology is a radio frequency system that by means of an electric current causes a biostimulation of the tissues generating a vasodilation that helps the natural regeneration of the own body.


According to the World Health Organization, physiotherapists evaluate, plan, and carry out rehabilitation programs (Treatment) to improve and restore motor function, maximize movement, relieve painful syndromes, and treat and prevent physical disorders associated with disease. , injuries and other disabilities.


It is a recognized and rooted system of manual medicine for diagnosis and treatment, the main interest lies in the structural and functional integrity of the body. Due to its Anglo-Saxon origin (osteo and path), we can define it as the path that seeks balance between any part of the body and its functionality.

We are a benchmark as a center specializing in osteopathy and sports physiotherapy in Barcelona

Our professional team

Our scientific approach to treatments responds to the demands of our patients. Patients looking for professionals who treat them with the same rigor with which they face their profession, the practice of sport and, of course, the care of their health.

Manel Ramos


Num. col. 1496

Osteopath DO – Physiotherapist


  • General osteopathy.
  • Sports osteopathy
  • Cervical spine
  • Trauma-sports physiotherapy

Dr. Ricard Ramos


Num. col. 36510

Thoracic surgeon


  • Thoracic surgery
  • Anatomy

Josep Casimiro


Num. col. 8657

Osteopath DO – Physiotherapist


  • General osteopathy
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology
  • Obstetrics
  • ATM
  • Dizziness

Our team has teaching experience in prestigious universities: UB, UAB, URLL


100% natural, ecological, vegan and fresh products, supported by a unique and spectacular philosophy: ethics and coherence in its purest form. Throughout Europe no one produces like Ringana.

20 years of experience in Deep Hyperthermia

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Our patients give their opinion

Since I was a child, I have had back problems, my vertebrae are dislocated, causing me ailments. I used to get stuck a couple of times a year, spending days without being able to stand up straight. With Manel we decided to do prevention treatments and I haven’t been stuck for years. Manel and all his team have improved my quality of life tremendously !!

Susila Cruyff

President of the Cruyff Foundation

We knew that childhood osteopathy worked for many conditions in babies. When our daughter in the first months of life suffered numerous regurgitations, we felt that osteopathy could help us. With Josep Casimiro, April has improved a lot.

Maria Hellín Aguilar


After seeing dozens of very good osteopaths in the United States, England and Spain I can say that Manel Ramos and the team that make up Healthway Institut are by far the best

Carlos Sánchez


Healthway institute in data

Healthway Institute is born



Johan Cruyff

Former Dutch and FCBarcelona football player and coach, who is considered by FIFA to be one of the four best football players of the 20th century.

Jordi Cruyff

Jordi Cruijff  o  Jordi Cruyff  (Amsterdam,  1974) is a former footballer  and football coach  Catalan / Dutch. He is the son of the legendary footballer  Johan Cruyff.

Bojan Krkic

Footballer who played between 2007 and 2011 in the first team of FC Barcelona, ​​and signed in 2011 for two seasons for AS Roma. In the 2012-2013 season he played on loan for the latter team at AC Milan. [3] He later played on loan at Ajax Amsterdam, In 2014 he was transferred to English Stoke City.

Daley Blind

Dutch professional football player, currently playing as a left winger or defensive midfielder with Manchester United and the Dutch national team, previously played for AFC Ajax

Nicola Karabatic

French handball player of Croatian origin by his father and Serbian by his mother. He holds the position of left-back or center-back in both the French national team and his club, FC Barcelona. Considered the best player in the world 2014.

Niklas Moissander

Finnish soccer player, plays like defense or left lateral and at the moment plays in Dutch Ajax of Amsterdam. He has been international with the national football team of Finland, of which he is captain.

Rafael Muñoz

Spanish swimmer, specialist in the butterfly style. He is currently the world record holder in the 50 meter butterfly in long pool, and also has the third best mark of all time in the 100 meter butterfly. In 2010 he was proclaimed European 50m butterfly champion in Budapest, revalidating it two years later in Debrecen.

Roberto Dueñas

Spanish basketball player of the years 1990 and 2000, outstanding for being, at that time, with 2.21 meters of height, the highest player of the state basketball. He won at FC Barcelona playing as a starting pivot for ten years, between 1995 and 2007, participating in the achievement of 6 ACB leagues, 2 King’s Cups in basketball, a Euroleague and a Korac Cup.

Rud Van der Host

Dutch water polo player from CNBarcelona and the Dutch National Team.

Victor Thomas

FC Barcelona Catalan handball player who stands out for his speed and explosiveness. Captain of the current handball team and champion of 3 Champions Leagues, 7 ASOBAL Leagues and World Champion in 2013 with the Spanish National Team.

Kilil Lazarov

Macedonian handball player, currently plays for FCBarcelona. He was the top scorer in the EHF Champions League twice with Veszprém KC and RK Zagreb and captain of the Macedonian national team. Champion of the ASOBAL League and the Champions League during the 2014-15 season.

Davy Klaassen

Dutch footballer playing as a midfielder for the Dutch team AFC Ajax.

Adam Raga

Catalan trial pilot. Always as the official driver of Gas Gas, he has won the Indoor Trial World Championship 4 times and the open air World Championship 2 times.

Daniel Saric

Bosnian handball player. He plays in the goalkeeper position. He currently plays for FC Barcelona.


At the Healthway Institute, we begin our treatments with diagnostic tests, accurately analyzing the causes and counteracting the results. Analyzes are the inescapable starting point that will allow us to apply effective treatments in every ailment. Rigor will allow us to reach the cause of the discomfort, and determine the best treatment in each case.

Our patients put their health in our hands and such trust can only be answered with integrity, humanity, efficiency and rigor.

At the Healthway Institute we listen to our patients to later establish a treatment that allows us to rebalance their structure and improve the functioning of their body.

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