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In order to make the most of the effectiveness of the dietary supplements and supplements that we recommend, it is very important to eat as varied a diet as possible and a healthy lifestyle while exercising daily.


The result: RINGANA CAPS, specialists for individual needs, whether to increase memory, the immune system or mobility.

Beyond Omega

The revolutionary BEYOND omega formula provides omega 3 fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and secondary metabolites in the highest quality.

BEYOND Spermidine

With BEYOND spermidine, RINGANA has created a product that supports the natural process of self-purification, counteracting the symptoms of aging with a natural strategy.


The special formula of the CAPS moves helps maintain mobility and provides a lighter day-to-day life.

Natural, fresh, vegan and ecological products for you that deserve our attention and personalized treatment


In sports, the proper supply of nutrients and electrolytes is essential to maintain endurance and bring the body to the highest level of performance.


This vegan protein shake with natural ingredients allows you to achieve maximum performance without artificial aromas, sweeteners or synthetic additives


An optimal supply of nutrients is essential for maximum physical endurance. The SPORT boost provides an optimal supply of fluids while increasing glycogen reserves.


Faster, higher, farther: the unique formula of the SPORT push takes the best out of the body. The active substances activate the energy reserves for maximum performance.


Balance our natural self-defense program, normalize our acid-base balance level, or regulate digestion naturally. There is a Ringana pack for every need.


The Antiox PACK with water-soluble and fat-soluble antioxidants supports the body’s defenses and protects cells from free radicals while balancing our natural self-defense program


PACK balancing makes an important contribution to compensate for the acid-base balance, normalizing its level. Zinc supports the natural acid-base balance. Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 contribute to energy metabolism.


PACK cleansing supports healthy bowel activity based on fresh fiber and calcium, regulating digestion naturally. Calcium from baobab pulp powder and flaxseed flour help to normalize the function of digestive enzymes.


Enhance beauty, stimulate the mind and body or on the contrary provide relaxation and restful sleep. Ringana natural shots will help you achieve your goals.


The natural txupito with a fruity spicy note contains bioactive plant substances that awaken and give energy.


Dea brings together all-natural ingredients in a highly concentrated beverage that stimulates metabolism, supports the body’s detoxification system, and manages to neutralize toxins.

What if

Slow down, relax, better manage stress. The soothing drink RINGANA isi provides maximum relaxation and a restful sleep in a completely natural way.

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